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Interesting game. I got bullet ant. ;-]

I loved the game. I really enjoyed it and I like the way things works. I reborn as a shunk.  

Awesome, glad you had fun :) 

Interesting game. Liked the duality and uncertainty in choices, much like Reigns.

Thanks a lot, I was wondering if someone was going to mention Reigns :) I'm looking forward to adding more stuff and doing further balancing, so I hope you'll check for updates.

I started with Satan and lost 30 karma right away :D

Great game! This choice of black and white is nice, you have good taste.

Thanks, I appreciate it :) Yeah, there's obviously some symbolism in the color scheme, but the time restriction played a part in that choice, too ;)

Haha! Loved it. I went to the poker den and said "Go all in!" lol

The art is very lovely. I like all of the animals and card illustrations.

Thanks! Even though it all works, I still want to go back and add more, including more ending animals that unlock under special conditions (such as the Magpie - that will be earned by hoarding inventory items).